Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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Noida Police seizes and scraps 1.2 lakh vehicles: here’s why

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The Noida Police is becoming stricter in its action and surveillance and will start from today to penalize and confiscate all old vehicles, whose registration has expired, but which are still driving on the roads of Noida. According to the Noida traffic police, it has already sent legal notices to about 1.19 lakh car owners of Noida, who currently own vehicles with expired registration.

Noida Police seizes and scraps 1.2 lakh vehicles: here's why

As of today, Noida traffic police will strictly start the crackdown on petrol cars over 15 years old and diesel cars over 10 years old. For these vehicles, as per the standards implied in the National Capital Region (NCR) by National Green Tribunal (NGT), registration will not be renewed due to the alarming increase in pollution levels in the region.

Out of 1.19 lakh car owners who have received notices from the Noida traffic police, 23 cars belong to top officials like the district magistrate, district commissioner, police commissioner, trade tax commission and many more. However, the Noida traffic police has already made it clear that it will treat everyone equally before the law, without giving special privileges to anyone under this newly introduced rule.

Check the details of your vehicle against the registration number

Noida Police seizes and scraps 1.2 lakh vehicles: here's why

According to the Noida traffic police, the cars with license plates starting with ‘Z’ or before UP16Z indicate that these vehicles are older than 15 years. The Noida traffic police have already installed scanners in places and will start targeting cars that are still on public roads. If caught, these vehicles will be recovered by the Noida traffic police and the car owner will be fined Rs 20,000.

For the owners of such old vehicles, there are only two options: scrap them or ask permission to take them to other cities after taking NOCs. The new stricter move by the Noida traffic police is a follow-up to the crackdown on BS-III petrol and BS-IV diesel vehicles in Delhi, which took place for a short period of time in January 2022. However, this temporary ban was quickly lifted on January 12 after the air quality index began to improve.

In recent times, the alarmingly high levels of pollution in the National Capital Region have forced governments to be stricter on the use of petrol vehicles over 15 years old and diesel vehicles over 10 years old. Due to the stricter action of the traffic police teams of Delhi and Noida, many car owners have been forced to take their old vehicles out of the NCR or sell them to car owners residing in different states, especially the nearby states.

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