Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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Chhavi Mittal shares simple home exercises to get “flabby, fabulous arms.”

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There are many misconceptions about it fitness; one of the most common is that you can only get fit by exercising or using tons of equipment. However, contrary to popular belief, you can get a toned body even by doing some basic exercises at home with little or no exercise equipment. Chhavi Mittal made the case for something similar and recently took to her YouTube channel, Being a wife with Chhavito share some basic exercises one can do to achieve this tight and strong arms. “Try these simple exercises at home with minimal or no equipment and have limp, fabulous arms,” ​​she wrote.

The actor-producer started by saying, “Today I will share with you some simple exercises show your arms. If you do these three basic exercises every day, you will have super, super arms.” The exercises are – bicep curls, tricep dips and band-assisted tricep dips.

Here’s how you can practice these simple exercises at home to get the arms of your dreams.

Biceps Curl

For this exercise you need one resistance band. “Please invest in a good one if you don’t already have one. It’s helpful while performing a lot of exercises,” she said.


* Hold the handles and hold the resistance band underneath you feet.
* Keep your arms straight.
* Start curling with your biceps.
*When curling, make sure your elbow stays in position and only the forearm moves.
* Preferably curl both biceps together.
* Raise the strap in two seconds, hold it for two seconds and bring it back down in two seconds.
* Do 15 repetitions of this exercise, four times.

Tricep dips

You don’t need any equipment for this exercise. If you do an arm workout, the triceps are more important than the biceps. How tight your arms look depends on how tight your triceps are. I place much more importance on the triceps than the biceps,” Chhavi said in the video.


*Sit on the edge of a stable chair, weight bench, or step and grab the ledge next to your hips.
*Press into your palms to lift your body and slide forward just far enough so that your butt clears the edge of the seat.
* Lower yourself until your elbows are bent between 45 and 90 degrees.
* Slowly push yourself back up until your arms are almost straight and repeat.
* Do 15 repetitions of this exercise, four times.

Band-assisted triceps dips


*Keep a handle off the resistance band under your feet.
*Extend the band from behind your body with your forearm, keeping the elbow straight and parallel to your head.
* Repeat this exercise for 15 reps, four times.

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