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5 AI websites that can make your life easier

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The arrival of artificial intelligence has changed several aspects of our daily lives. From knowledge processing to a super cool editing hack, AI websites are all the rage on the internet.

While creating videos or music used to seem like a tedious and tedious task, not anymore. With the introduction of numerous AI applications, there are several websites that can boost your creativity within minutes.

To make things simple, here’s a handy list of some of the coolest AI websites that can help you get the most out of the internet.

Pictures capture more than words. However, there may have been moments that one wished they could have kept as a video. Thanks to AI, it is now possible. is a website that uses the latest generative AI tools to help users animate their photos in a few clicks. One can create talking avatars using the Creative Reality Studio on the website. The platform claims to be backed by Stable Diffusion and GPT-3 that allow users to turn their ideas into personalized videos. The website offers a cost-effective solution for anyone who wants to create compelling video content and has next to no technical knowledge.

What is unique: Animate photos in minutes, create talking avatars almost instantly.
What we liked: The ability to create striking portraits for DeepStory.

If it can write, speak and understand, it can also make music. The is a website that uses AI to let users create royalty-free tracks. According to the company, the platform offers an easy solution in a few steps for anyone looking forward to generating music. The website says that users can choose a genre of their choice, customize their inputs and create tracks as per their preference. The website also offers high quality music samples. claims its platform is built for producers, creators and brands. The website offers free, premium and enterprise plans for its users.

What is unique: Simple steps to create music from a wide catalog of sounds and genres.
What we liked: It allows users to monetize music on their preferred platform royalty-free.

Since its introduction last November, ChatGPT has become one of the most popular AI-assisted tools in the world. The chatbot launched by OpenAI helps users write essays, poetry, emails, generate code, etc. is a website that brings the utility of chatgpt directly to your smartphone via WhatsApp. Although paid, this website lets users enjoy the world’s most powerful chatbot on their WhatsApp. Based on a video demo of the application, chatting with ChatGPT on WhatsApp is as easy as chatting with another user on the instant messaging application. As of now, the service is only compatible with Android devices, but the website says users can expect the same on iOS soon.

What is unique: ChatGPT at your fingertips, making it a useful tool to improve business communication.
What we liked: The user-friendly interface that can deliver great results.

Chatbots have changed the way companies interact with their huge customer base. These software applications help companies with online conversation via text or text-to-speech instead of direct communication with a human representative. Building a chatbot is not easy as it requires technical knowledge. However, allows users to build their own chatbot that they can deploy anywhere. The platform offers website chatbots, WhatsApp automation, and an API and SDK interface that allows users to deploy their chatbots in their applications and channels.

What is unique: A great tool for small businesses as it allows you to instantly create interactive landing pages.
What we liked: Integration with WhatsApp and API & SDK interfaces that allow users to use the chatbot on their applications and other channels.

Memes have become a language in themselves. Social media users around the world have made memes a part of their daily interactions. Now there’s a meme for every occasion. Everyone has ideas worth turning into memes, but not everyone can create the perfect meme. is a website that allows users to describe their thoughts and allows the AI ​​tool to create original memes. The website offers meme creation in more than 110 languages. The website works in the simplest way – users just need to describe their topic or situation and click ‘Generate’. Moreover, the website also functions as a meme search engine.

What is unique: An instant solution for meme lovers as the tool effortlessly develops memes from text.
What we liked: Meme search engine and availability of more than 110 languages.

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